A Wild Ride

I have been adsent for too many months from this blog. So much so that I think I am going to basically start all over.

You see about this time last year I was trained on a new job assignment. I had no idea it would rule so much of my time. Between 8.5-9 hour days plus a total commute of 2 hours daily it didn’t leave me much time to think, much less write my blog. Although I did have split days off. No more excuses. I have time and a lot to write about.

So my assignment has come to an end. My fellow advocates and I were told by Senior Management that our company was, ” reducing it’s footprint”. Corporate boglona for we we’re all being laid off. That was February. We were promised help in all kinds of ways. Never really came.

About the 10th of March we all had a sudden secret meeting. We figured it was the end, not the April schedule they originally told us. I had told no one but I and others had been praying for a job for me and my friends.

Well, the Human Capital Lady happily announced that they had found us new jobs with the Corporate parent company. Not only that, but they are telecommuting jobs. I was speechless.

My commute is over now and I work from my office in my condo. God is so amazing. This is one example from my life in the last two years of abundant blessings of restoration and blessings. If you are if a place that looks dark and hopeless, don’t give up. This is a small thing. I have been through much worse. Big or small God’s got it all. Give your cares to him. He will carry you.

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