Happy New Year 2018 

It is a new day, new week and new year! The old year had some tough times and decisions and lessons learned. Though I’m many ways it was tough and challenging, it was a major blessing and breakthrough. 

I had a job change in 2017. I still work for the same company, but because I moved between divisions, I am like a new employee. I am blessed with a great  supervisor who gives me the best. In turn I give her and the company my best.

Welcome the new year with its own unique style and way of doing things. I believe that this year is a year of hope, rest in God, New life in many areas that have seemed dead till now. The road is being cleared and made smooth before us. We are carriers of the presence and gold of heaven.

Anyone who is a believer in Christ Jesus carries him with them wherever they go. There is a choice to recognize and understand that presence in you not only is for you and changes you, but is for the people that you meet in the world. Believer or not. They need the presence you carry. The light that shines in you cannot be covered up.

The gold you have to give them is the love of God and the good news of Jesus death and resurrection! Share your gold and in turn you will receive more to give away! Try it and see a life changed for eternity! Happy New year!