New Adventures

While much time has passed since I last wrote here, it has not been a boring time at all. I am attending a new church. I have a new job with the parent company that owned my previous employer. I no longer commute 2 hours a day. I have lost 45 pounds. I am seeing a Doctor of Alternate Medicine that has changed my health. I am an Audio Engineer again. In addition to that I am learning video production. 

Aside from that, this has been some of the hardest things in my life ever to grow through. I have often heard of healing in life referred to in terms of an onion having the layers peeled back. It happens again and again till you get the onion peeled.

I have definitely felt the effects of the onion. Both being peeled and crying from the pain of the onion. Just when I think that there are no more layers to get rid of, God surprises me with more. Not that I expect perfection this side of heaven, but it would be nice to stop for awhile!

I have come to the strong conclusion that I do not want to stop growing closer to God. So I have prayed the dangerous prayer that I don’t want anything between God and me. I mean it. This is a prayer God loves to answer. He longs to be intimate with us. I come to him daily and let Him talk to me.

I would encourage you that if you are in challenging times especially, to get a special place and spend some time together with God listening to His heart of love for you. He will speak to you about the issues you face and how to resolve them!

I will be sharing in the future about my previous adventures as well as the new. Stay tuned for more!

God bless you richly today and always!

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