Happy New Year 2018 

It is a new day, new week and new year! The old year had some tough times and decisions and lessons learned. Though I’m many ways it was tough and challenging, it was a major blessing and breakthrough. 

I had a job change in 2017. I still work for the same company, but because I moved between divisions, I am like a new employee. I am blessed with a great  supervisor who gives me the best. In turn I give her and the company my best.

Welcome the new year with its own unique style and way of doing things. I believe that this year is a year of hope, rest in God, New life in many areas that have seemed dead till now. The road is being cleared and made smooth before us. We are carriers of the presence and gold of heaven.

Anyone who is a believer in Christ Jesus carries him with them wherever they go. There is a choice to recognize and understand that presence in you not only is for you and changes you, but is for the people that you meet in the world. Believer or not. They need the presence you carry. The light that shines in you cannot be covered up.

The gold you have to give them is the love of God and the good news of Jesus death and resurrection! Share your gold and in turn you will receive more to give away! Try it and see a life changed for eternity! Happy New year!

Step Away!

It’s Monday morning. Alarm goes off at 5:30am and you can’t hit snooze again. Time to shower and get ready for a busy day! Breakfast?!? What’s that? Grab coffee and donuts at the corner store and off to the commute!

Traffic is a nightmare and you are late. You get into the office and the boss is waiting for you. Sound like a typical day? I understand about this. I am telling you to just step away for a moment.

Easier said than done. Except for the fact that you are a person who is created to operate from the peace of God in Jesus Christ. He says to Step Away from the craziness of the world and spend time with Me. 

I started with 10 minutes a day. Now I don’t know how long it is because time passes so quickly in His presence. I encourage you to make time and Step Away!

Momentary Pause

With the end of summer now weeks behind, I have transitioned into the full swing of fall. I am officially on the second month of my probationary period at work. I am not as efficient as I would like to be, but I am enjoying my job. Especially since it is a telecommuter job. No more 2 hour commute.

I also am taking a first year Biblical Studies class at Colorado Kingdom School of Ministies. I am loving every minute of it. I cannot get enough. I could study for hours a day. 

Those two things alone keep me busy, then you add other meetings and engagements I have and some weeks I have little time off.

Tonight I couldn’t take a hint to rest. I was trying to study and kept encountering resistance and slight difficulties. I was determined to overcome and got my answer and new resources. Alas, now it is quiet time and I am ready for bed. Moral of the story, take a hint and listen to the still small voice instead of your own.

May God bless you richly today and always!

New Adventures

While much time has passed since I last wrote here, it has not been a boring time at all. I am attending a new church. I have a new job with the parent company that owned my previous employer. I no longer commute 2 hours a day. I have lost 45 pounds. I am seeing a Doctor of Alternate Medicine that has changed my health. I am an Audio Engineer again. In addition to that I am learning video production. 

Aside from that, this has been some of the hardest things in my life ever to grow through. I have often heard of healing in life referred to in terms of an onion having the layers peeled back. It happens again and again till you get the onion peeled.

I have definitely felt the effects of the onion. Both being peeled and crying from the pain of the onion. Just when I think that there are no more layers to get rid of, God surprises me with more. Not that I expect perfection this side of heaven, but it would be nice to stop for awhile!

I have come to the strong conclusion that I do not want to stop growing closer to God. So I have prayed the dangerous prayer that I don’t want anything between God and me. I mean it. This is a prayer God loves to answer. He longs to be intimate with us. I come to him daily and let Him talk to me.

I would encourage you that if you are in challenging times especially, to get a special place and spend some time together with God listening to His heart of love for you. He will speak to you about the issues you face and how to resolve them!

I will be sharing in the future about my previous adventures as well as the new. Stay tuned for more!

God bless you richly today and always!

A Wild Ride

I have been adsent for too many months from this blog. So much so that I think I am going to basically start all over.

You see about this time last year I was trained on a new job assignment. I had no idea it would rule so much of my time. Between 8.5-9 hour days plus a total commute of 2 hours daily it didn’t leave me much time to think, much less write my blog. Although I did have split days off. No more excuses. I have time and a lot to write about.

So my assignment has come to an end. My fellow advocates and I were told by Senior Management that our company was, ” reducing it’s footprint”. Corporate boglona for we we’re all being laid off. That was February. We were promised help in all kinds of ways. Never really came.

About the 10th of March we all had a sudden secret meeting. We figured it was the end, not the April schedule they originally told us. I had told no one but I and others had been praying for a job for me and my friends.

Well, the Human Capital Lady happily announced that they had found us new jobs with the Corporate parent company. Not only that, but they are telecommuting jobs. I was speechless.

My commute is over now and I work from my office in my condo. God is so amazing. This is one example from my life in the last two years of abundant blessings of restoration and blessings. If you are if a place that looks dark and hopeless, don’t give up. This is a small thing. I have been through much worse. Big or small God’s got it all. Give your cares to him. He will carry you.

New Beginnings

I don’t know about you, but for me this year has been a time of massive change and transition.  My job assignment has changed twice since January. I have been in eight weeks of job related training. It seems as if there might be yet another change coming in the wind.

Spiritually speaking I don’t know where to begin. I knew at the beginning of the year change was in the air. I recently changed churches. Unexpected, but when God says move I obey. Its been a major blessing to me. I am free to fully experience the power and presence of the Lord. I am at a new place in praise and worship. God is also cleaning up old scars and wounds and making it all new. I am a new person, being transformed by the risen Lord!

I have been retired from serving as a Sound Technician for a church for over 5 years. God called me back into it recently with this new church. I will again be training to learn this new digital technology. Exciting.

God has introduced me to new friends this year. Strengthening old friendships and stopping others in His wisdom and timing. I am surrounded by these amazing people in my life. I am thankful for all friendships, old or new. Family ties are being strengthened and in some cases being healed.

There is also the creative arts part of me that was buried in crisis last year. I was so dry and parched I had nothing at the beginning of the year to create from. All my inspiration comes from the Lord Jesus through Holy Spirit.It took three months of this year to get back t a place of ceativity. I started this new blog in May. A new beginning with upgrades. I have a new book that I am working through on how to be more creative and tune into Holy Spirit and what God’s heart is speaking. I started and continue to work on a book project. I am song writing again. I am playing guitar .

I say all this to let you know its never too late to begin again. You can find yourself in whatever area of creativity sparks you. The great Creator is our inspiration and loves to inspire and flow through His people and their creative expression. Nothing is impossible! Dream and dream big and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. As you do you  will be filled to overflowing with an incredible unity and oneness wih the Lord. He will draw you nearer and nearer though your creative expression.

There is a great song by Watermark called All Things New. I strongly encourage you to  look it up and listen. It will bring you joy, as will allowing yourself to create again.

May God Bless You Richly This Day and Always!



Water Under the Bridge

One of my favorite places in the world is actually only about an hour from home! Left Hand Canyon is Northwest of Boulder, Colorado and as you are headed North, is indeed a left handed canyon!

There is a small river/ big creek that runs from the mountains down through the canyon. Yes, Left Hand Creek! Back some years ago there was a rumor of gold being found there in the distant past. Recently, I witnessed modern day Gold Panners trying to find a forgotten nugget or two. It is also a destination for anglers and picnickers alike.

I have many favorite places along the creek. One in particular allows me to sit on a huge rock creekside. Have you ever just sat quietly for hours beside a mountain stream? It’s the next thing to heaven. The constant changing sound of a swift running stream hitting the now smooth rocks is the most peaceful place to be. I have a couple things in particular that I like to do while I am there.

Nature is God’s amazing creation and gift to us to reconnect with Him. He created man, earth and all the world in six days. When I spend time creekside, there’s no way to keep thinking about and analyzing my everyday life. Creation is part of the Creator and listening and watching the water is like answered prayer. I don’t have to do a thing except receive the gift of sanctuary. Some call it Shalom or peace.

My word is sanctuary. My secret place away from the madding crowds and daily race of the would be rats. Water is amazing in its quality to heal physically and emotionally and spiritually! I have things in life like most(some unlike most) that bring the need to get away, forget it all and find sanctuary. I love to sing and write and take hikes in my special place. When I am in creation, I am able to begin again with a fresh start, new beginning and recharged batteries.

When I am in my secret place, it’s all just water under the bridge!

May God Bless You Richly this Day and Always!




Venture Into the Unkown

In today’s world it takes every ounce of energy to get us through a day and eventually a week. From morning exercise and breakfast and work. Then errands on the way home. Dinner and a little Facebook, and maybe some cable TV. Then its off to bed to start i all the next day.

Sound all too familiar? Your daily routine may be variations on a theme, but for most working adults it won’t vary too much. Of course if you are of a spiritual nature, then you have devotional time, time in the Word, time in prayer and maybe worship on the way to work.

I have been through some life changing times these last few years. I am a Cancer Survivor of 4 years. I lost my job for almost a year. Due to water damage, I lost  2/3rds of all I owned.I now live in a remodeled condo with no cable by choice.

I have come to understand that only two things in life are constant, God and change. I can count of God to be trustworthy and faithful. Change may not be so kind. It does not seek us out and ask us to participate. It just changes. We adjust or stay stuck in the past. God sees our lives and wishes to see change for our betterment and that of the kingdom of God. We can say “Yes, Lord”or we can stay stuck in our old patterns and ways that don’t work anymore.

What’s the motivation to change? Why go though all the effort? I believe that God’s best is always for us to be learning and growing ever closer to Him. We do that by loosing that things from our past that weigh us down. In addition and most importantly, we need to let Holy Spirit of God lead us and guide us in all truth. As we yield to Him, it is then we will find our answers to the same old status quo od the daily grind.

In relationship with our Heavenly Father is where we find all we need to become free and grow in His love, mercy and ever increasing amazing grace. It is then that we are willing to venture in to the unknown!

May God Bless You Richly this Day and Always!