New Beginnings

I don’t know about you, but for me this year has been a time of massive change and transition.  My job assignment has changed twice since January. I have been in eight weeks of job related training. It seems as if there might be yet another change coming in the wind.

Spiritually speaking I don’t know where to begin. I knew at the beginning of the year change was in the air. I recently changed churches. Unexpected, but when God says move I obey. Its been a major blessing to me. I am free to fully experience the power and presence of the Lord. I am at a new place in praise and worship. God is also cleaning up old scars and wounds and making it all new. I am a new person, being transformed by the risen Lord!

I have been retired from serving as a Sound Technician for a church for over 5 years. God called me back into it recently with this new church. I will again be training to learn this new digital technology. Exciting.

God has introduced me to new friends this year. Strengthening old friendships and stopping others in His wisdom and timing. I am surrounded by these amazing people in my life. I am thankful for all friendships, old or new. Family ties are being strengthened and in some cases being healed.

There is also the creative arts part of me that was buried in crisis last year. I was so dry and parched I had nothing at the beginning of the year to create from. All my inspiration comes from the Lord Jesus through Holy Spirit.It took three months of this year to get back t a place of ceativity. I started this new blog in May. A new beginning with upgrades. I have a new book that I am working through on how to be more creative and tune into Holy Spirit and what God’s heart is speaking. I started and continue to work on a book project. I am song writing again. I am playing guitar .

I say all this to let you know its never too late to begin again. You can find yourself in whatever area of creativity sparks you. The great Creator is our inspiration and loves to inspire and flow through His people and their creative expression. Nothing is impossible! Dream and dream big and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. As you do you  will be filled to overflowing with an incredible unity and oneness wih the Lord. He will draw you nearer and nearer though your creative expression.

There is a great song by Watermark called All Things New. I strongly encourage you to  look it up and listen. It will bring you joy, as will allowing yourself to create again.

May God Bless You Richly This Day and Always!



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